The Mayo library offers books, magazines, newspapers, movies, computers, and educational games.

  • A variety of AR and reference books may be checked out for three weeks.
  • There are many different magazines that may be checked out for five days.
  • The current Paris Beacon News is always available in the library.
  • There are several computers available for student use with internet access, Microsoft Office, CD's, and many other programs.
  • Title I services are also offered ever hour in the library.
  1. All Students may come to the library once a week on a 10 minute quick pass if they have a passed T.O.P.S. report. 
  2. A student may come in to do extra work on the computers if they have a note from that teacher. 
  3. Students who have reached their AR goals may check out magazines. 
  4. The library stays open everyday after school until 3:30. 
  5. Students will be quiet and courteous while in the library.